Movie Paper (The Jerk Theory). USING THE PROVIDED MOVIE LINK watch The Jerk Theory, and write a paper about an adolescent in the movie. Paragraph one should be a brief description of the movie, and the role of the character(s) you chose. Students will select a character or characters from the movie and discuss the influence/ interaction using the 4 sections below. Label each section of the paper using the titles below (FAMILIES, PEERS, SCHOOLS, CULTURE) and explain each as it relates to the movie. Families – (Family systems, maturation, relationships, changing families. Peers – (dating, cliques, conformity, etc.) Schools – (interactions with teachers, transitions, SES, etc.) Culture- (the effect of culture, Television, and other media, etc.) In these sections, try to relate 2 or 3 key ideas and explain how the movie helps illustrate those ideas. Include a few quotes from the movie characters to help illustrate your ideas. The final paragraph should be a summary and should discuss the most significant message of the movie and how it describes adolescents. Do not just write a summary of the movie but focus on the adolescent in the movie and what they are going thru.

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