Mrs. Maryann Lopez is a 49- year old outpatient who has an order for a follow-up ultrasound. An ultrasound technologist calls Mrs. Lopez back for the exam and the patient recognizes the ultrasound technologist from a friend’s party. During the exam the patient asks the technologist to please let her know if the tumor has grown.

a) What is an appropriate response for addressing Mrs. Lopez’ question according to the Professional Performance Standards?

b) What responses are reasonable for Donna to speak to on the topic of Radiographer Scope of Practice?

c) If Mrs. Lopez continues to insist Donna answer her as to the size of the spot on her lung, what should Donna do?

Expert Answer

Ans a: According to the professional performance standards, the techonologist are not allowed to disclose anything to the patient during the test. So, technologist …

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