Please provide an explanation of when multivariate analysis is appropriate for a quantitative study. Conclude your posting by describing your personal interests in one of the multivariate statistical tests and its potential usefulness to you in future research.
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Hi and thank you for your patience. In this particular task you are asking for assistance to discuss the applicability of multivariate analysis in quantitative study. So, how should you do this? First, I would like to suggest a simple outline:

  1. About multivariate analysis – what is it about? 100 words
  2. Relevance in quantitative studies – 100 words
  3. Example of application using a study – 100 words
  4. Opinion – 100 words

This should cover what you need – concise but comprehensive. I hope this solution gets to you in time. You can also use the listed resources to further explore the topic. All the best!


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On Multivariate Analysis

What is multivariate analysis? Multivariate analysis, also known as MVA is a form of statistical study in which the analysis and observation of more than one outcome variable is done simultaneously. It figures as the application of multivariate statistics and only includes applications wherein more than one variable outcome is present. This means that MVA can be done if the idea is to study multiple dimensions. It is an applicable form of analysis across a host of trades, interests and disciplines as it studies the effects and impact of a host of variables to responses under study. Where is it used? In physics for example, it is used to study the complex effects of variables to hierarchical ‘systems of systems’. It is also used to study design for capability, inverse design, analysis of alternatives (application in commerce), analysis of concepts to changing scenarios (business and forensic/military applications) and lastly critical design driver identification …

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