Native American Indians

To Demonstrate an understanding of the primary theoretical traditions of sociology in the analysis of the topic selected for your discussion . ( The topic is Native American Indians [Select a Tribe] ) 1.)Structural/Functional theory (includes functions and structuralism ) 2.)Conflict/critical theory (includes conflict critical theory, feminist theory, critical theory of race and racism, and post modern theory) 3.)Inter/actionist theory ( Includes symbolic interactionism, ethnomethodology, exchange theory and rational choice theory. ) Integrate 2 or more of the above primary theories into your discussion. Your paper should demonstrate an understanding of basic sociological terms and concepts while applying the sociological imagination in the analysis and discussion of your chosen topic. You may structure your paper ina manner which best first how you want to share the material as long as it is well organized. Your paper should integrate a host of outside sources to strengthen your points and to introduce validation and perspective. Please use 7 sources and several quotations. (quotations should not be used as a filler material , they should be short, meaningful and expanded upon to validate and describe the above sociological theories. ) At least one quote per page.FAILURE TO USE a quote for each source should result in a 0 Chose a native American tribe to do the paper on . Manhattan Indians of the past or even a tribe that is still alive today would work fine

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