This essay will be a minimum of 1000 words and consist of a multi-paragraph argumentative essay on one of the topics presented in the Book Fast Food Nation. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Choose ONE Negative Aspect of Fast Food Industry From the Topics Given 2. Find 2 articles on EBSCOhost (research) to also refer to in your paper. 3. Use your Topic and 2 Articles to write your Argumentative Essay 4. It is REQUIRED to directly reference Fast Food Nation in the form of direct quotation in each body paragraph (3 times total). It is also required to directly reference Fast Food Nation in the form of paraphrase in at least one body paragraph (1 Time). Another requirement is to refer to each of the articles you’ve found at least once in the paper (in a body paragraph) in the form of direct quotation. ( 2 Times one for each article) 5.Include your Rough Draft of the essay & Work Cited Page for both Rough and Final copies. I have attached all 3 Papers with instructions that will further help you. I also attached my info to access the Fast Food Nation book through and the 2 articles through the Bakersfield College EBSCOhost website.

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