Case Study No. 1: Nike Imagine that you are an expert in the principles of labor-management relations. You have been invited to present at a conference held for some of the top executives at Fortune 500 companies. Your assigned topic is a case study of Nike. Work with your group and address the following. Write an individual paper that is 5-7 pages long discussing the following thoroughly: Efficiency Consider what you know from the class discussions of management and corporate efficiency and what you have read about efficiency in the textbook. Describe the unique style and focus on efficiency demonstrated within Nike’s business model and management. (Do not do outside research for this section. Use your common sense and the materials given in class) Trace the evolution of efficiency and Nike’s the labor problems. Equity Describe how managers did or did not contribute to a healthy organizational culture and apply the labor-management relations concept of ‘Equity’ to the Nike case study. Cite specific examples. Voice Reread the article on Employee voice and social media for a review of ‘voice’ within a labor-management relations context. Describe the influence of power and politics within the company, the work force, and the media. Who held the real power and why? Who had a voice? What type of voice? How did this affect Nike’s culture, workforce, brand and image? How were Nike’s labor-management problems resolved? How might they have been avoided? What recommendations would you make to manage these problematic issues and ethical dilemmas involved in Nike’s operations? Write your own, individual paper answering the questions above dealing with efficiency, equity and voice. Do not use any outside materials other than the assigned course textbook and class handouts. This is an exercise in critical thinking and writing, not research.

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