NTR290: Group Research Assignment

Objective of this assignment: Understand the process of reading an article then coming to a decision on how to interpret the research as a group. This will help you see the process when you go to write your final paper and you need to decide on how to answer your research question after reviewing all of your research.

You will be assigned to a group of three to four people. You will have access to a group collaboration space on our course Blackboard site to help you work with your group members. Note that there is also a peer evaluation that goes along with this assignment so make sure you are a great team member!

Step 1: As a group, choose a research question related to the health benefits of apple cider vinegar. For example, does apple cider vinegar when applied topically help control the occurrence of acne in young adults? Note that this example has a Population, an Intervention, and an Outcome listed in the research question – remember PICO). As a group, come up with your own research question. Here is a popular article to start you off with ideas, then you can locate full-text pdf research articles using the ASU Library.

Step 2: Each group member needs to locate one primary (not secondary) research article as high on the research pyramid as possible (randomized control is the highest on the pyramid for primary research) that helps to answer your group research question. You will need to read and understand the article that you have chosen (make sure you read beyond the abstract). Each group member will need a different article so make sure you communicate with your other members to ensure each article is different. (hint: when searching the databases, instead of using apple cider vinegar, also look up the MeSH term for it to assist in your search)

Step 3: One team member will start a Google Slides presentation and share that presentation with each member of the group. You have access to Google Slides as part of your ASU e-mail account. Google Slides allows every member of your team to collaborate on the same presentation easily. Learn how to use Google Slides here.

Each team member will make one Google slide as part of a shared presentation. The slide will contain the following pieces of information from the article that the team member selected:

• Your name Beatrice Makokha

• Title of the article- Vegetarian/ Vegan Diet

• Population studied in the research article- Vegetarian/ Vegan Diet for older female athletes with Chronic diseases and ischemic heart diseases

• Intervention: Dieting and exercise

• Comparison: older male athletes versus older female athletes both with chronic disease and ischemic heart diseases

• Number of people in the study

• Key parts of the methods section: how much apple cider vinegar did the participants consume, when did they consume it (i.e. before a meal, after etc.), how long did they consume it, in what form did they consume it (pill, liquid, etc.)

• Key parts of the results section: simplify the results into 1-2 sentences in your own words

Make your slide as concise as possible while still communicating all of the necessary information.

Step 4: As a group, look at the results from each study and come up with a cohesive answer to your original research question that you set in Step 1. Create one conclusion slide as a group that explains your conclusion.

Referring back to the example question from Step 1 could you say conclusively that apple cider vinegar leads to a decreased occurrence of acne in young adults? Is there a weak association? No evidence to support the effectiveness of the intervention?


In order to decide on a conclusion as a group, it may be useful to schedule a google hangout meeting or use any of the collaboration tools available in your group BlackBoard site.


Slide 1: Your group research question and all group member first and last names

In older female adult athletes with chronic diseases, does vegetarian/vegan diet contribute to chronic disease prevention and reduction in ischemic heart diseases?

Slide 2-5: Each person’s individual slide with the info noted in Step 3 above and your name on your slide

Slide 6: The answer to the group research question (refer to Step 4 above) – keep it simple!

Slide 7: Works Cited page – cite all group member papers in American Medical Association 10th edition format. Put the group members name followed by their citation so I can ensure that each group member used the correct format.


Zhou, J., Li, J., & Campbell, W. W.Vegetarian athletes. London : doi:10.1016/B978-0-12-396454-0.00010-2

Liu, H. W., Liu, J. S., & Kuo, K. L. (2018). Vegetarian diet and blood pressure in a hospital-base study. Ci Ji Yi Xue Za Zhi = Tzu-Chi Medical Journal, 30(3), 176-180. doi:10.4103/tcmj.tcmj_91_17 [doi]

Boldt, P., Knechtle, B., Nikolaidis, P., Lechleitner, C., Wirnitzer, G., Leitzmann, C., . . . Wirnitzer, K. (2018). Quality of life of female and male vegetarian and vegan endurance runners compared to omnivores – results from the NURMI study (step 2). Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, 15(1), 33-018-0237-8. doi:10.1186/s12970-018-0237-8 [doi]

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