nursing theory to resolving a problem or issue of nursing practice in nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics, or health policy

The nursing problem that I aim to resolve is :Compassion fatigue”, which can be resolved thorugh focus on nursing leadership and continual career development of nursing professionals through advanced courses in nursing education. The problem of compassion fatigue isa disturbing trend in which the nursing staff goes through a period of mental stress because of the continuous care and compassion required to treat the patients that are involved in the treatment of the terminally ill patients and patients who go through the traumatic problems like amputations or cancer. Compassion fatigue emphasizes the costs of caring, empathy, and emotional investment in helping the suffering. The psychotherapists stress that limiting compassion stress, dealing with traumatic memories, and more effectively managing caseloads are effective ways of avoiding compassion fatigue (McEwen, 2011). The author has used the case analysis to put forth his point in which he has elucidated the case of psychologist medical professionals who needed counselling and motivating after they suffered from compassion fatigue and reduced the self-care time. The case result showed that there is a need for providing better motivation for the healthcare professionals who go through experience of providing mental support to patients who are terminally ill (Parker, 2006). Practically, the problem of compassionate fatigue is prevalent in the nursing profession and ca