OMNIC – Find Path 2F Ede Collect Wiry Pre nt. D5 ATR – Dareed (05_ATR_Charmand. expl) Sputan Statu Cupboard | Paplaz ta original apachum Tun Mar…

How do I know what final product this is using the IR that is obtained?

4. OMNIC – Find Path2F Ede Collect Wiry Prent. D5 ATR – Dareed(05_ATR_Charmand. expl)Sputan StatuCupboard | Paplaz ta original apachumTun Mar 2: 13:11-42 21213-1/ 08:300PrintY-AARSensitivity-1089190851377.133337.8411 15. 131057 302095. 19285T 122500282015080Wwwrunberns jon-1)1:3 PMTue Mar 05 13:15:54 2019 (GMT-05:00)FIND PEAKS:Spectrum: Tue Mar 05 13:11:42 2019 (GMT-05:00)Region: 4000.12 550.10Absolute threshold: 99.382Sensitivity: 50Peak list:PositionIntensity566.3297.401724.8796.670919.8596.9721057.3690.6421115.1394.0181377.9395.8571466.2594.2782857.1285.7152926.7879.7482955.1987.2583337.6495.075

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