Consider the future of diagnosis and assessment, and new challenges you might face. How could funding be sourced to help inmates on parole?
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Future of Diagnosis & Assessment

In the practice of psychology, whatever the specialisation (i.e. clinical psychology, forensic psychology, experimental psychology, etc.), one of the key actions taken to study a subject for treatment or for research applications is diagnosis and assessment. Mental states and mental disorders and illnesses can only be identified through a thorough set of diagnosis using established diagnostic protocols and standards (i.e. the use of DSM-V) and established methods of evaluation and assessment (ones that take into account issues in relation to processes, observation and ethical considerations). The future of diagnosis and assessment involves evolving with innovations in science, research and the needs of society for the purpose of keeping function and relevance in terms of resolving mental health issues as well as social issues that can be resolved with the use of the latest innovation in the field of psychology. Trend experts also see future collaborations between key …

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