oneet A. Electron – Dot Structures Element Atomic Electron Number Arrangement Electron – Dot Electron Of Atom Structure Loss or Gain of Electrons…

I need help filling out this sheet on compounds and their formulas. Please fill out the entire chart

oneetA. Electron – Dot StructuresElementAtomicElectronNumberArrangementElectron – DotElectronOf AtomStructureLoss or Gainof ElectronsArrangementIonicSymbolSodiumof Ton11Chargeof Ton2- 8 – 1Name of JonNa"lose let2- 8ItNa*sodium forNitrogen72-5. N .gain 3 02- 83-N 3_nitride ionAluminumCompounds and Their FormulasChlorineCalciumAug^ ^ ^LOU^OxygenhAlon Aluminumwobour QueFrom^ ^play“`dining cel^intuit_OOMVICHYB`

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