Online Learning Activity


Assessment 1 – Blog Assessment Type Online Learning Activity Description In this assessment you will identify a knowledge policy/ practice gap in your local practice setting and present it to your peers in an online blog post. A blog is an online document containing the author’s experiences, observations, and opinions. They are meant to be an informative and persuasive style of communication that contains links to references and supporting websites. Resources on how to write a blog can be found on Blackboard via Assessment>Help with Assessments>Writing a Blog. Your blog should provide the reader with the following type of information: • What is the knowledge policy/practice gap you identified? • How do we know the gap exists? • How extensive is the difference between current practice and recommended practice? • Who are the personnel involved and what practice changes are necessary? • What is the significance of the gap to patients, the facility, and/or the health service? • What is the source, strength, and quality of the knowledge to be translated? Submit your blog in the assessment one discussion board. You must create a thread and add your blog before you can view other students blogs in the forum. You can’t edit or delete your work once it has been saved so please use the ‘save draft’ feature until you are ready to publish your blog. Blogs should be interactive so please feel free to provide comments on the work of your colleagues. Weighting 20% Word limit 1000 max including references, figures, tables. Compulsory Requirements Attempt / Submission Requirement – Students must attempt/submit this assessment item to pass the course

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