Please use previous paper for help a. Whether or not you have chosen online or brick-and-mortar as your primary outlet, discuss a strategy where your business could benefit from both. Would you attract a different customer base? Would you have to alter your product or message? How much would it change? Please explain in detail. b. List the channels that your product/service has to pass through to get to the end consumer. Is it better to add an intermediary to act as a buffer for your business, or is it better to reduce the channels of distribution for your business? Please explain your reasons.You must use citations from scholarly sources to back your points. Business planning is about research – these are not “opinion” papers. c. What methods of online communications would you use, what would be the content of those messages, in what medium, to which audiences, and how frequently would they be presented? How will you track your progress for your online marketing campaign? This project will assist you in writing your final marketing plan in this course. Please use at least two new references and cite your sources per APA guidelines. Assistance with APA can be found in several places within this course (Helpful Course Links, Library, The OWL at Purdue, etc.)

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