Outlaws Of The Atlantic Chapter Four

Presentations’ Instructions Each group will analyze a chapter of the asigned book.(Outlaws of the Atlantic by Marcus Rediker Chapter 4) Every member must speak during it, therefore, organize in a way that will allow each person to present. The presentation must not exceed 35 minutes, or less than 20, so plan for that. each group is responsible for writing an analysis of the chapter presented Hints Look, identify and explain the context in which each book takes place. Look for the when’s, how’s, location, differences to norm, conflict (racial, class, gender, religious), first timer’s, main actors. Once you identify the themes to address (ideally, this will follow the same formula above, which is the existence of collective conflict, or change affecting significant amounts of people at the time, or eventually) divide them into themes. In other words, one person can analyze and speak about location, while another one talks about conflict. Identify solutions Important figures to know Dates, specific names of ships or important places Purpose: what is the purpose of this chapter? Key terms Evidence utilized by author

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