Ownership/Copyright infringement

 Description The essay parts are – Introduction and Background [not needed as it is not my part], but it is provided in the essay draft (Introduction.docx) – legal Recourse [not needed as it is not my part] -> Case Study (you can add more case studies than the one in the slides) -> Proposed Solutions and Conclusions (you can add more solutions than the solutions in the slides, or even you can change them to new solutions) – Start by reading the essay SLIDES (Ownership_Copyright Infringement and the Internet.pdf) The main points should not be different so much. write around them, you can add. Sources: 10 Academic sources (4 of them peer reviewed) – IMPORTANT: the cited information are from the content of the papers, not from the Summary. and the page should be saved and highlighted the text which you used. so I submit an essay + 10 PDFs (resources) with highlighted content. – please see the attached pdf file (2019 PCP-APD S2 A2 v1.2.pdf) read (1.2. Structuring Your Report) carefully, especially (PROPOSED SOLUTIONS, CASE STUDY, CONCLUSION, BIBLIOGRAPHY , APPENDIX) and (1.3. Referencing) – please make sure to read the Rubric (2019 PCP-APD S2 A2 Rubric v1.0.pdf) Deliverable: – Essay – Highlighted Sources PDFs (the highlighted content should not be in the summary, must be from the paper content)(ONLY 3 parts of the essay, Case study + solutions + conclusion ) 

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