Oxidation of H2 4 H2 8 H+ generates a proton motive force.

  1. name the metabolism for the figure. what is the e donor and terminal electron acceptor?
  2. does it live in toxic or anoxic environment? what is the C source and where you find the organism?
  3. what is the characteristic byproduct from this type of metabolism that signals metabolism in environment?
  4. would this type of organism grow faster than denitrifying bacteria?

Thank you

Oxidation of H24 H28 H+generates a protonmotive force.Out8eH+HaaseFeScyt C3HmceLDHSo 2-FeSInFADH2 e-APS6 e-ADPLactatePyruvateATFFerredoxinSO,2-H2Acetate + CO2+ ATPH,S

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