JOURNAL ARTICLE CRITIQUE INSTRUCTIONSYou will complete a Journal Article Critique on parents of children with autism in pre-school through first grade inclusion and a parental training program in Florida. Each article must be current (published within the last 5 years) and address topics related to educating students with special needs. Each article must be selected from special education research journals. Upload a PDF copy of your article with your critique.You may want to use Liberty University’s Online Library services in order to locate your articles. The research portal ERIC is one of the most frequently used data base for researching education topics. However, Liberty University’s Ebscohost (Academic Search Complete) also provides full-length articles for free.Below is a list of sample special education research journals: •American Journal on Mental Retardation•Behavior Disorders•Beyond Behavior•Clearing House•Diagnostique•Exceptional Children•Exceptional Parent•Focus on Exceptional Children•Gifted Child Quarterly •Journal for the Education of Gifted•Journal of Learning Disabilities•Journal of Special Education•Language and Speech•Physical Therapy•Remedial and Special Education

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