Please provide a 5 axis diagnosis on Alice in Wonderland

  • Sees animals that speak to her
  • She states that she is trying to get home.
  • However, she finds that she must help the animals fight against the Red Queen
  • The red queen has an army. Their uniforms resemble playing cards
  • She seeks advice from a caterpillar smoking a hookah
  • She talks to a disappearing cat that seems to guide her along the path towards home
  • She drinks and eats cake that makes her grow first smaller and then larger
  • Age 13.
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Patient: Alice
Age: 13
Symptoms: Bizarre Delusions and Hallucinations; Delirious

Axis V Diagnosis:

I. 293.82 Psychotic disorder with hallucinations

II. 301.22 Schizotypal Personality …

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