Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement Project: Alignment

 Develop a 15-slide presentation, with detailed speaker notes for each slide, in which you: Evaluate the organization’s strategic vision statement. What are the strengths and opportunities for improvement for the organization to achieve its vision? Evaluate the alignment between your project’s objectives and the organization’s strategic vision. If the objectives do not align, then rewrite them for better alignment. Share the original and rewritten objectives, along with the rationale, as to why they needed to be rewritten. Select or create a quality improvement model to use in the execution of your project (e.g., PDCA, Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and Keizan). Draw the model and include it in your documentation. Articulate your strategy for effective change management and leadership. Based on faculty feedback and any additional research, update your communication strategy from the Week 2 Change Model presentation.–this is the feedback I like the information you presented. The goals are realistic and make sense. They fit what a good change project should be able to do. Areas for improvement: Review how to create an introduction for the presentation as noted in the instructor policies. A good thesis paragraph should be present for graduate work. Slide 4 needs a citation to show the research for where you obtained the information. Slide 7 cite your research about the model and the good application you make. Slide 9 the conclusion should have speaker notes. This is discussed in the instructor policies on how to format a powerpoint presentation. Reference slide: See instructor policies about bullet symbols and using hanging indent. Only the first two references are correctly formatted.

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