Peasants Communism – Oxymoron or good fit? OR “The Oxymoron of Peasant Communism”

– Only 2 sources required. its a simple paper. one of the sources should be “the communist Manifesto” for Karl Marx – We use the textbook and primary source of: Michael H. Hunt – the world transformed 1945 to present – Spotlighting the case studies of the communist revolution in China and Vietnam, demonstrate an understanding of basic Marxist theory ( dialectical materialism)- building on the foundational historical background of the subject – Why Chinese and/OR Vietnamese peasants decided to support their country’s revolutionary communist movement – start with introductory paragraph that presents both a “problem” in this case how peasant communism departs from Marxist ideology – then thesis statement addressing this oxymoron. – the body of the paper should use illustrations from the primary sources to support /explain the student’s thesis and other insights ( how the peasants own statements justify their revolutionary activity -concluding paragraph should sammarize what has been explained/ argued within a wider context Thank you . please keep it simple not more than 750 words note: Marx ideology doenst appeal to peasants, because they don’t see themselves as slaves. but how Mao and Ho Shi Minh attracted mard and peasants to marx’s ideology and communism and why peasants decided to join communism?

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