Personal Course Archive and Reflections

Personal Course Archive and Reflections (otherwise known as blogging) 

please do it around 400 words for each question, there are totally two questions. 4 reading sources should be used for each question. and i will list the reading sources to the following questions. you must use the given readings instead of yours. You blog as a reflection on issues for that week of the course, informed by, and engaging with, the course materials. This requires you to have engaged with the lecture materials, read all the required materials for the tutorials, and at least occasionally read some of the materials that are “not required but useful” or done your own research, thought about what’s most important and interesting for you, and engaged with that. You obviously don’t need to cover everything, but you should deal with more than one reading. Bringing your own thoughts to the discussion of the topic is also a key part of it. You must use the blogging software provided here on this course site (link at the bottom of this unfortunately very long section). Please do not use an external blogging site, or upload a (text-only) document with formatted text. You can add images and links and formats and so forth. It’s quite easy and we’ll go through it in the first tutorial. Exceptions to this are: mindmaps, sound files or videos (you can upload pdfs of mindmaps and you can link out to sound files and videos). No Apple Pages files under any circumstances. Blog posts should be at least 400 words or equivalent. “Equivalent” means you can link out to a sound recording of at least 2 minutes and no more than 3 minutes, or a video of 1-3 minutes (instead of a written post). You can also choose to submit mindmaps, produced using mindmap software. If you want to do something else for this assignment it might be possible but ask me first. Someone in another course drew some great cartoons one year (although they had that particular skill). Please do not submit hand-drawn mindmaps (or any kind of handwritten notes), unless you have extraordinary artistic or drafting skills. You need to reference all the materials in the usual way required at UNSW (ie. using UNSW Harvard). This means full in-text referencing and a list of references at the end of each post. It’s also good to link out to materials if they’re online, although this should only be in addition to proper referencing. Don’t plagiarise. Occasionally in the past people have copied posts from elsewhere. This has had a sad ending. Often this seems to happen because of stress. If you are stressed about things so that it’s difficult to do your work, let me know. Generally, if you are having difficulties that affect your work or attendance please let me know sooner rather than later. I really will try to help if I can. Information about Special Consideration can be found here: Criteria for this Assessment 1. Materials: Your demonstrated engagement with the materials/readings/lectures/preparatory explorations for that week of the course. 2. Response: Your critical thinking through of the issues involved and careful response to them. 3. Expression: Your synthesis (bringing together) of the ideas, practices and issues you’re dealing with in that week into a satisfactory form of expression you can publish. 4. Referencing: Your correct referencing, using UNSW Harvard, of materials you have engaged with. APPLY FOR THIS CASE

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