Write a Personal Reflection on the Case Study. The Case Study is attached. The Reflection should reflect this Case study as well as keep in mind, this course is about children with disabilities from Birth-Five years old. Please reflect on the following questions as you are writing: Given Joy’s history and diagnosis, is Carol justified in her support of Joy’s expressed desires? Was it appropriate for Carol to go against the opinions of Joy’s mother and the Jamestown social worker in helping Joy to live on her own with Bobby? What factors have contributed to the difficulties Joy Williams now faces? Could Carol have done anything differently to eliminate or reduce the impact of any of these factors? If you were writing an Individual Family Service Plan for Bobby Williams and his family, what would you list as the family’s strengths or resources? Based on the information available, what do you think Joy’s priorities or concerns might be? What strategies would you use to further clarify family priorities and establish goals for intervention? Carol has some concerns that Joy may be unaware of or consider unimportant. How should Carol deal with these issues? If you were one of the other members of the Smythe County Early Children Intervention program, how would you counsel Carol on proceeding with the Williams family? What would you suggest Carol do during her home visits to Joy and Bobby? What strategies would you recommend for dealing with the dissension among the members of the Jamestown professional community? What, if any, assistance should Carol enlist from other members of the Smythe County ECI program? If you were Carol, and responsible for developing an IFSP for the Williams family, who would you involve in its development and how would you proceed in accomplishing this task? It is mentioned that “under special circumstances,” the Smythe County ECI program can extend its services until the child’s fourth birthday. What would the advantages and disadvantages be of extending the ECI program’s services for an additional year? Would there be advantages in making the transition to Jamestown services sooner? How might the decision regarding when Bobby’s transition takes place affect the strategies you would choose in preparing Bobby, Joy, and the Jamestown community? What will be required to ensure Joy’s ability to live independently and care for Bobby over the next 5 – 10 years? In general, what toll is exacted on a professional when he or she is confronted by other professionals or agencies that do not adhere to a family-centered philosophy of service provisions? Does he or she have an obligation to influence how others provide services? If so, what can an individual do in such situations?

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