“Pokémon Go: Virtual Invading Reality” (Ivey Publishing: 9B17A032)


Question: The release of Pokémon GO in June 2016 was conducted in the glare of publicity. The Pokémon GO phenomenon swept through social media, quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in the world. With easy-tofollow game rules, Pokémon GO rapidly picked up a wide range of players and, within a relatively short period of time, generated considerable income through in-app purchases. It was believed that the game had even greater potential. Please evaluate Pokémon GO’s strategy (e.g., how it works, why it has been successful, what would be potential threats) and discuss the future prospect of Pokémon GO. Format: A case write-up report should be type written, either 1.5 or double-spaced, on one side of each page, using 11 or 12-point size font, and should not exceed 6 pages (excluding cover page, tables, figures, appendices, references, and endnotes). Assessment: Your report will be evaluated based on the level of detail and analysis provided, along with the content (understanding of the issue; the clarity of the logic; the originality and uniqueness), the analysis, and the writing. Other Notes: (1) You cannot afford to discuss many things in six pages. Focus on key issues and clarify the major decision points. (2) This is an individual assignment, not a group project. Don’t discuss with others. (3) I will not answer any questions regarding the content of the case. (4) Don’t use external information for analysis of the case. Just use the information provided in the case

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