Politics and mass media

    Choose one of the following questions and write 2500 words essay • The Leveson Report stated that politicians had “developed too close a relationship with the press which has not been in the public interest”. Critically evaluate this statement. • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of having state-owned as opposed to private media organizations in a democratic state. • Evaluate the impact of the internet and citizen-journalism on mass-media. Use one case-study to support your arguments. • National interest can sometimes justify the government use of censorship. Evaluate this statement using one case-study. • Assess the view that media representations of religious and ethnic groups are no longer stereotypical. • Critically assess the view that media plays a vital role in social cohesion. Must meet the following criteria 1 Critically assess the role of mass media as a key ideological state apparatus 2 Critically assess the role of media in contemporary democracies. 3 Analyse the impact of new media on political communication

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