Identify and briefly describe the selected population.
Develop a crisis intervention strategy for an individual from that selected population.
Explain that particular strategy and how one might apply it to a crisis situation with the individual, providing specific examples.
Think about any legal and ethical issues that might arise in implementing the intervention.
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The LGBT Population

My population focus is the LGBT – an initial that refers to the collective that is lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender – the homosexual or ‘gay’ community. As a community or cultural group, identity in these populations based on sexuality and gender and anyone who is non-heterosexual and is exclusive to that of the homosexual, bisexual or transgender groups is said to be as part of the LGBT community. I have chosen to study this particular population because of the disturbing numbers reported with regards to the prevalence of suzbstance3 abuse, drug addiction, alcoholism and mental health issues in the community. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA, n.d.) reports that the incidence of LGBT population addiction is higher by 33% than that of the heterosexual population.

Substance Abuse

I have focused on substance abuse as the issue I would like to explore in terms of developing an intervention for the identified population. The reason behind this is simple – the worrying number of substance abusers and drug users in this particular community means many are at risk and due to exposure and influence, the practice can quite easily be normalized …

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