EBP Problem, Searching the Evidence, and Appraisal Develop a EBP question guided by the Question Development Tool Appendix B, (Dearholt& Dang, 2017) and then using this question conduct a literature search to investigate the issue or problem. Gather a minimum of 3 primary research study articles (NOT literature review, systematic reviews or meta analysis studies) to address the practice question. A primary research study includes collection of either qualitative or quantitative data. The assignment should be organized in the following 5 parts: A.Title Page B.Practice question C.Develop and Implement a Search Strategy. Please work with a librarian to conduct a literature search. The literature search parameters should be saved and included. D.Appraise 3 articles by addressing the following 1. What is the level of evidence (I, II, III, IV, or V)? See John Hopkins Tool Kit ( Dearholt and Dang, 2017). 2. Study Design ( experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental )? Please explain your designation of the type, of study design in a few sentences and identify the type of data collected ( qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods). 3. Using the “Framework for How to Read and Critique a Research StudyPreview the document“ (American Nurse Association) as a guide critique the research article. Provide explanations for your responses. E.Reference list using APA format

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