Attached is the South Carolina Emergency Plan & Florida County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan to use as references. Prepare a Disaster/Emergency Operations Plan for the state of Florida. *This plan cannot look like with the disaster plans already established for that particular state.* Feel free to use some components from the original emergency plan. however, be sure you explain your reasoning for keeping the component. You must develop a disaster plan you believe is effective and efficient for your state and how these emergency operations will help sustain your state overall. Think about how geographic location plays as major role in how often disasters may occur, and what type of operations will be used during an emergency situation. Disaster/emergency plans do not all look the same. Therefore, your plans do not have to follow a specific format. However, it must be structured in a way that is feasible to follow and understand. Must be at least 15-pages, written with subheadings to separate major parts of your paper, and in APA format. Please, use credible sources to help validate your findings and other outside resources to support your plan.

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