• I need a brief review of Weathers v. Pilkinton, or Adams v. Carter County Memorial Hospital
  • I need a focus on one aspect of the case chosen that can be explained in entirety with at least 3 scholarly references.
  • Please describe a variation on the case that might have gotten a different outcome
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(1) I need a brief review of Weathers V. Pilkinton, or Adams v. Carter County Memorial Hospital
*Adams vs. County Memorial

Adams vs. Carter County Memorial Hospital involves a case brought by a widow suing for damages for the alleged wrongful death of her husband who committed suicide while he was a patient in Carter County Memorial hospital. The patient’ injuries resulting in death that occurred when he fell down a stairway at the hospital. The complaint contained allegations of malpractice against each defendant (hospital and doctor); and alleged that the defendants were negligent that caused the death of their patient, the plaintiff’s husband. It thus stated a cause of action under which other cases was settled based on the rules of liability including: Haskins v. Howard; Osborne v. Frazor, 58 Tenn. App. 1 (1968); James v. Turner, 184 Tenn. (1941); Rural Education Assoc. v. Anderson, 37 Tenn. (1953); Schwartz, “Civil Liability for Causing Suicide,” 24 Vand.L. Rev. 217p 1971. Both the hospital and the attending physician (Frost) filed motions to have the complaint dismissed on the grounds that the plaintiff (widow) did not have a legitimate complaint. The judge granted the motion. The physician also filed a motion to remove language referring to “him” as the person (who had committed suicide) as being able to “process and continue the motion”. This motion was also granted.

In delivering his opinion, the trial judge indicated in his decision that the complaint failed to state a claim, …

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