Project Implementation

 1. Apply the use of total quality management philosophies to transform care. 2. Examine the role of creative tension among disciplines to enhance care delivery 3. Your quality improvement plan is in place and you are ready to meet with a diverse group to discuss implementation. As the Chief Quality Officer, you need to lead your team, know who will do what, and set the tone for moving ahead. You also need to inform stakeholders of your plan and what you are doing to improve quality. 4. Create a flyer or brochure to present to the stakeholders, which includes: • how you plan to educate about and communicate the plan, • your timelines for implementing and evaluating the plan, • a summary of the proposed education and communication plan, resources required, • role of technology, • staff engagement, • ideas to leverage creative tension, and • steps involved. 5. Clearly describes the purpose and necessity of quality management in the health care industry 6. Accurately identifies various health care stakeholders and explains why quality of care definitions differ 7. Identifies the similarities health care quality shares with manufacturing or service quality 8 . Accurately identifies the areas of health care must nurse administrators routinely monitor for quality 9 . Identifies the accrediting and regulatory organizations involved in quality improvement and explains their roles 10. Research provides appropriate support: Popular Database to use – EBSCOhost – ProQuest

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