project introduction

 The paper should talk about the history of education in Saudi Arabia and changes that have been happening through time with focusing on the higher education sector. You might be talking a little bit about some problems Saudi university have. You gradually slide to the 2030 Saudi Vision talking about it (what it is and why) and focus on its educational objectives. Within the educational objectives, you will find this aim:  By 2030, at least 5 Saudi universities should rank amongst top 200 universities worldwide. The  project is to find the best strategic advise to achieve this goal. This study will explore the implications of policy demands for improvement within the Higher Education sector of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the context of the 2030 and develop strategic advice, sensitive to cultural context, for system reform. So, you should talk about my intent of studying this thing and talk about the importance of this study. End the talk with the research questions: 1- What does make a Saudi university excellent based on ranking systems? 2- What is the Saudi particularity that perhaps conflicts with the global improvement system in higher education? 3- How to adopt (get into) the global environment of improvement system in higher education with remaining the nature of the Saudi identity? you may need to rephrase the questions with remaining the original meaning of them.

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