Prostate Cancer and Sex
Roberto Martinez

After reading the article about sexual complications from prostate cancer by Martinez (2005), post a note to Mr. Martinez specifying:

1) your personal reaction to the article and

2) what you learned most about sexual health as a result of reading his article.
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(1) Personal reaction to the article

My reaction to this article was that reading the article was an enlightening endeavor. I must admit that I did not enjoy the author’s shocking “rawness” of how the author articulated the sexual events throughout the article]. Nevertheless, it was inspiring to understand how the prostatectomy changed the individual’s view about more than just sex. For instance, initially, he appeared that he had enjoyed sex in a more erotic, frivolous, and uncaring manner, which could have led to his health problems. He recognized how to deal with the incompleteness of sexual arousal and ejaculation. For example, through …

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