Please help me with a brief synopsis of a Capstone Project Assessment of Children with Behavioral Problems and a brief summary of your reflections on Capstone Project experiences. By reflecting on the experiences with the Capstone Project, what aspects of the Capstone Project and course have helped you to become more of a scholar-practitioner and how would the program and project forwarded your contribution to positive social change? What aspects of the experience were less beneficial in these regards and what would you recommend to future students in the Capstone experience?
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Hi Charlene,
In this particular task, you are being asked to provide an additional set of requirements for your capstone project. Essentially, this is about you – it is reflective of your experience. I suggest using this simple outline to present your experience in doing the project:

  1. About your project – 100 words
  2. Choosing your project and its implications about you – 100 words
  3. Knowledge & skills you have acquired which helped you in the project – 100 words
  4. What this means in terms of your development as a scholar-practitioner – 100 words
  5. Positive social change contribution – 100 words
  6. Benefits of the Capstone project & Recommendation to other students – 100 words

You know, this is very subjective. What I have put together below is a sample, an estimation of what could be a student’s reflection on the experience. This should get you started on this particular task. Make sure to include points that are particular and personal to you, especially in terms of growth. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

About the Project

For my Capstone Project, I have chosen to study the methods of assessment utilized on children with behavioral issues. Basically, I looked at the available methods utilized by professionals in the field in terms of checking, studying and analysing the behavioral issues that children exhibit for the purpose of arriving at an effective and comprehensive diagnosis. The reason why I wanted to study this is because I have determined throughout my studies the absolute importance of a correct evaluation/assessment. The wrong assessment can result in a misdiagnosis which can only worsen the problems. My project is a study that determines the most applicable behavioral assessments for children. I looked into counseling assessments as well as the application or importance of neurological research in determining …

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