An understanding of why PTSD is classified as an anxiety disorder, not an adjustment disorder. Briefly describe the factors that contributed to the overall stress in the case you chose, including psycho social and cultural factors, temperament, etc. Be sure to include your thoughts on how you could assist this client to remove the stressors or cope with them differently.

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  1. About PTSD – 150 words
  2. Anxiety vs. adjustment – 100 words
  3. Treatment/Assistance – 100 words

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PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder is a severe anxiety disorder that affects individuals who have been exposed to events that have led to psychological trauma. It can be the threat of death to the individual or to someone else or severe threat against one’s psychological, physical and emotional well-being whereby the individual has felt the overwhelming feeling of helplessness, that he or she is going to not survive, and is unable to cope. Women who have been subjected to extreme sexual violence and abuse, soldiers suffering from the ordeal of the battlefield, survivors of a tragic event (i.e. a terrorist attack, a car accident) are just among the many who suffer from debilitating PTSD, a psychological trauma that endures and renders the individual unable to function due to flashbacks that bring back the emotions and feelings from the original event, leading them to re-experience it over and over again in flashbacks and …

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