Public Adminstration Intergovernmental Affairs 

Choose a current public policy that has been proposed or approved by the Administration, state legislature or a COG (Council of Governments, like SANDAG) that impacts one or more levels of government. Provide the following policy analysis in a maximum of two single-spaced pages. The format should include subheadings abbreviating the prompts below. The analysis under each section will be succinct meaningful (imagine that you’re preparing a brief for the City Manager who is developing a presentation for the City Council). Your paper will include the following information: 1. Overview of the policy [NOTE: you’ll want to look at the actual Executive Order, bill or policy, when relevant, to compliment info you review in news reports]; 2. Identification of the official policy actors act each level of government who is impacted by either the approval of the policy or its implementation; 3. Overview of the impacts of the policy to the lower level of government [i.e. loss of local control, loss of political support from constituents, financial impacts as resources now have to be directed to address what amounts to an unfunded, or partially funded mandate, etc]; 4. Overview of potential impacts to the health, safety or quality of life of residents [include impact to local government employees, if relevant, such as in the case of use-of-force laws or not being able to enforce local laws]; and 5. Conclusion with a summary incorporating two themes from the text and lectures.

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