Summer 2019 Assignment: Independent Research Project This week put together a research project focused on: Puerto Rico or the Puerto Rican diaspora in the mainland U.S. post-Maria. Length: ~5 pages I have provided you with a series of resources that cover: Puerto Rico’s history, the debt crisis, PROMESA, Hurricane Maria, and the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York.

It is your responsibility to pick and choose which resources you will use to complete your paper and support YOUR ARGUMENT. Components: 1. A sociological argument 2. A theoretical framework 3. A literature review 4. Data 5. A conclusion How to go about doing this week’s independent research: Step 1: Open the “Readings/Videos for Everyone” folder. Watch the “History of Puerto Rico” videos in order. I strongly suggest you do not skip this step. It takes a little bit of time, but it will make your writing process much easier. You may even want to take notes as you watch. Read the articles in the folder. Step 2: Open the “Independent Research Week Assignment” folder and choose one of the following topics: “Colonialism & Debt”, “Hurricane Maria & post-Maria Migration”, or “Boricua Power/ Puerto Rican Political Movements”. Read/watch the materials in the corresponding folder. Step 3: This is where the independent portion comes into play. Think about the materials you have seen and come up with a main sociological argument for your paper. You may build off what was said in another article, or disagree with a point made, but try to add something new and original to what has already been said. Step 4: Writing the paper! 4a. Begin by introducing the topic to your audience who, you should assume, has no knowledge of Puerto Rico. In your introduction draw on the general materials you watched/read to introduce relevant history and social context of Puerto Rico. Conclude by clearly stating your argument. 4b. Theoretical Framework: Choose one of the five theorists we learned about in class (Marx, Mills, Dubois, Collins, Gramsci). Describe one of their theoretical frameworks and how it applies to your topic. 4c. Literature Review: Summarize three of the readings from your topic folder. What did they say that contributes to your argument? (Remember: it is OKAY to disagree with things that you read in these articles!) 4d. Data: Look through the interviews and/or newspaper articles in your data folder for information and quotes that support your argument. You may also look at outside materials here. 4e. Conclusion. You know the deal. Restate your main points and bring it home.

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