This is a paper that is focusing on the qualitative methods in a healthcare organization analysis. The paper also provides additional questions to focus on while writing the assignment paper.

Qualitative methods in a healthcare organization analysis

Purpose This assignment is to help you learn to do the following: Analyze the use of quantitative methods in a healthcare organization. Utilize the diversity of perspectives and skills across team members. Action Items Select a healthcare organization that your team will research and analyze for this assigment. As a team, you will write a summative analysis and report on the potential application of quantitative models to organizational problems, issues, and/or cases in the healthcare field. You may want to conduct some of your research using the MBA Healthcare research guide or Yahoo! Finance – Healthcare Industry. Compose a 7-12 page summative analysis in which you: Define the issue / situation.

Firstly, describe why you believe quantitative methods are used. Secondly, describe the specific quantitative methods that are in the organization selection. Thirdly, name each method and also its specific purpose. Fourthly, evaluate the appropriateness of the methods used and provide suggestions for improved quantitative analysis. Also, reflect on what this teaches you about the importance of the use of quantitative methods by the organization. Use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to present your analysis. Format your paper according to APA standards.

You may want to reference the Purdue Online Writing Lab: APA Formatting and Style Guide. Submit your assignment to Turnitin, using the Turnitin tool above. Remember to allow adequate time to receive feedback from Turnitin. Your instructor will not consider your assignment to be submitted and will not grade your assignment until you have submitted to Turnitin and addressed any issues identified. Compose an individual paper (2-4 pages), explaining the role you played in the team paper and reflecting on the use of the quantitative methods used

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