Quality of Life Model

The QOL Model can be incorporated into the care of all patients with any diagnosis at any point during their illness. Develop a case study discussing a patient with a disease process, of interest to you (i.e. oncology, cardiac, renal, respiratory, etc), who would benefit from instituting palliative care at the time of diagnosis. PLEASE CHOOSE EITHER ONE OF THE DIAGNOSIS LISTED ABOVE Incorporate the City of Hope/ELNEC QOL Model (introduced in the Module 3 overview) as a tool for evaluating your patient. Provide explanations of the patient’s perspectives of QOL related to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual forces in their life. Discuss aspects of care that could be offered to the patient that would provide them with better QOL from their perspective (i.e. information related to disease process, ability to talk about their fears, adequate pain control, financial strain, etc).. Discuss any additional outcomes that you feel are important and should be attained. Support the information with the palliative care resources provided and at least two additional scholarly articles from the scholarly healthcare literature. Paper should to be 3 pages not including title page and reference page. Follow APA formatting and the guidelines of the Written assignment (customnursingassignments.com) Rubric.

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