Reaction Report Assignment Instructions

Don’t forget that each reaction report must be at least a page long, typed using size 12 Arial or Times New Roman font, double-spaced, and include your thoughts on the video.

Suggestions as to what to include in your report:

Was the material understandable?

Are there ways you can relate the information to everyday life?

What are the implications of the information?

Did the information from the Ted talk help you to better understand some of the concepts covered within the unit?

How did you feel about the topic – agree or disagree?

Do you have any critiques regarding the topic or information presented in the video?

In middle and late childhood development, socioemotional development is marked by an increase of autonomy yet a need to belong. At this time, many families and schools see an increase (positive and negative) of esteem and peer relations. At times, these interactions are appropriate, other times they take darker tones such as bullying. Is there something we (as a society) can be doing to address these issues?

Activity Instructions

Develop a pamphlet that addresses how to increase middle- and late-childhood esteem, to be handed out to parents at their child’s school. This pamphlet should follow the form of examples provided in the Newsletter Examples link in the Resources area of this activity.

Your writing style will be a little different in a pamphlet than in a traditional research paper. You do not have to follow APA style although you must integrate and cite academic sources.

The required length is shorter for this activity than for the essays in other weeks, so make sure to be succinct with your language.

Writing Requirements (APA format)

2-3 pages

A functional format with single-spaced text

Ease of reading and finding information

Aesthetics, including well-integrated images

Informative academic content

References section (minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles)

assignment 2


The purpose of this assignment is three-fold: 1) to gain in-depth knowledge on psychotropic medication above and beyond that which is covered in the material of the course, 2) to evaluate and synthesize the material and research related to psychotropic medication, and 3) to gain experience in developing a professional presentation like one might present at a local, regional, or national APA (American Psychological Association) conference.

Activity Instructions

Research a specific psychotropic medication used in the treatment of mood, anxiety, or schizophrenia spectrum disorders that you would like to learn more about. Compose a PowerPoint presentation that outlines the medication, including drug name (brand and generic), uses, category/type/class, benefits, side effects, limitations, and research conducted on the medication. The information provided in your presentation should go above and beyond the information provided in the textbook. You must use and cite at least five scholarly sources.

Presentation Requirements

Minimum of 10 slides in length, not including the title, conclusion, and reference slides

Organize in the following order:

Title or Introduction slide (with title, your name, and Tiffin University)

Content slides

Conclusion slide

References slide (minimum of 5 resources)

12-point font for text (other than headers)

Use clip art, images, links, voice narration and other media to further illustrate your points or provide information.

Be creative!

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