Chiropractic medicine
Relaxation techniques (deep breathing, massage, progressive relaxation, tai chi, hot yoga)
Meditation (transcendental meditation, mantras, Bible passage, positive thought)

Post an original reflection that describes your experience with each technique you attempted. Demonstrate some critical thinking surrounding which technique you feel would most likely use the future, if any. Explain how your chosen techniques can be a part of the prevention, detection, and control of infectious and chronic conditions. I am looking for you to provide substantial depth and detailed analysis regarding your experiences.

As an integral part of this assignment, you are also to find at least two credible, academic sources that support the effectiveness of the complementary and alternative techniques you experienced. I want to see both the personal side, as well as the scientific.

Based upon the current chapter readings/lectures, personal experiences, worldview, and media/resources provided, you must comment on the specific reflection prompts- reflecting on how they relate to the weekly topic(s) and current society. Posts should be thoughtful, insightful, and 250-500 words. These posts should add significant substance to the conversation and clearly reference (i.e. cite) information from current chapter readings/lectures (please follow current APA guidelines for your in-text citations and references).

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