–> You are free to write on any relevant issue of war –> Minimum #of references = 8 (including 3 books and 5 articles from academic journals) –> Feel free to additionally refer to other sources of relevant information including mass media, policy papers etc. –> It’s very important to delineate your thesis and hypothesis in the introduction, and use supportive arguments — logical and factual to support your thoughts and to prove your key thesis. –> Generalizations should be specific. Statistical data should be up to date, and borrowed- with imperative indication of sources – from official statistical documents –> Your paper should contain 10-12 typewritten double-spaced pages of text. Use font 12 of Times New Roman, 0.98″ maximum margins and 1.18″ left/right margins. –> All sources should be properly referred to, and the paper should contain footnotes. –> Should contain a cover page (not counted in the total number of pages), contents page, one-page introduction, 2-3 titled sections, one-page conclusion, and a list of used literature –> All elements of the paper should be strongly related between each other, and connected to an essay’s topic IMPORTANT “Essay -Should be concentrated, concise. -Write about any factor of war. Personality, group of personality. Look at syllabus, apply level of analysis that suits you. Several levels of analysis- 1. systemic. (realist theory) states are influenced by systemic factors, changes in politics come from above not below. Domestic changes are just reactions. Ex: Russia was defeated in cremiea war (90% of ppl were slaves) 2. National. (reductionist approach) point of view of changes happening in a certain country. 3. Individual. (used to make classes more interesting.) personalities, how they were impacted, how they impacted others. History is made by small groups of individuals. 4. Between individual and state is- group level of analysis. Ex cia, congress, corperations, royal court. Agents of change. 5. Inbetween systemic and national- diatic. Not static. Changes. Balance of power. Tech, advancements, Can combine several levels, or use just one. STATE SPECIFICALLY which ur doing. How much background info do we include? Assume that the reader is knowledgeable, not make it too empiricial. 50/50 theory/emprics. Use Chicago.


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