Religion Is Really About Perception

Propose your own idea for a new “Religion Is Really About Perception” unit and make a case for why we should consider it. You might want to explain how your unit is different from other units our class has covered. What does it add? Propose 3 texts that you think should go into your unit and explain why they belong. These texts should come from outside of our class—maybe from other courses you have taken, from other readings you’ve done, or from independent research on your new theme. They should include respected scholarly sources or creative primary sources. Be sure to list complete citations for these texts. At least two texts should be conventional readings, but the third may take other forms (e.g., music, film, painting, etc.). offer an original, compelling, and interesting argument for each; and draw from the readings we have been discussing all semester. The implicit goal of these questions is to allow you to show us what you’ve learned about religion—what you think it is, what inspires you or annoys you about religion, what you’ve changed your mind about or what arguments you’ve confirmed and deepened. Your thinking and writing should reflect the work you’ve put in all semester while grappling with these questions.

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