Report on H&M’s sustainability in its scm

 Using the information you have learned, the text, scholarly resources, and the companies websites,  to write a term paper in FULL APA format (i.e. abstract, running head, citation page, etc…). Three points but not limited to should be discussed regarding to the success of H&M: 1) H&M’s main idea of sustainability in its supply chain; 2) how H&M uses cotton as a renewable resource as the main material for production; 3) H&M’s sustainable manufacturing; green distribution; green retailing; H&M’s suppliers and stores. The report should be: 1. Project Organization and Creativity 2. Extremely well organized and easy to follow. 3. Clear defined topic scope 4. Seamlessly and cohesively 5. Went “above and beyond” to research relevant, internal and external information 6. Utilized course material (relevant), case material, and quality external resources that truly enhanced the project 7. Provided a very creative SCM scheme, correctly using proper terms from the text and applying them to tactics the company used The report should include: 1. Content Accuracy 2. Works Cited Page 3. In-Text Citations 4. Includes at least 4-5 citations minimum (APA format); 2 must be from a scholarly source (using the PSU Libraries) 5. Identified an available URL for the company (if appropriate). Scope of the project was accurately communicated

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