Research Methods & Evaluation in Public Health

 assignment ( 1.4-1.5 Methods and Measures assignment ( Instructions assignment ( Instructions You are to explain the methods of your project and develop the measures for data collection for your project. Recall your purpose is learning about your target population or health outcome and so you are designing a descriptive study that uses a mixed method approach (i.e., both qualitative and quantitative methods), however if you are testing an intervention then you are developing a program/intervention and testing it using an experimental or quasi-experimental approach using a mixed method approach to measure efficacy or effectiveness. The primary purpose of this assignment ( is meant to introduce you to measure development (surveys, focus groups guides, and structured interviews) and planning your study. Your assignment ( is due by Wednesday, October 16th, by 11:59pm on Blackboard. Your assignment ( components need to follow the following criteria: PART 1.4: Methods Outline (Note: you are answering the following questions as it relates to your topic) a. Title page b. Introduction (brief overview of topic of interest and rationale) i. What are you studying? c. Population i. Who are you studying? 1. What is the population? d. Sample and Data Collection Methods i. Who is being surveyed? ii. Who is participating in your focus groups? iii. Who is participating in your structured interviews? e. What theory is underlying your hypothesis? (be sure to cite here) f. What is your hypothesis? g. What is your research question?  Reference Page (e.g., “Literature Cited” or “Bibliography”) in APA Style o Cite a minimum of 1 scholarly sources. Cite in-text. PART 1.5A: Survey Criteria • Use either Microsoft Word or Qualtrics (available for free on NCCU EOL) • There must be an introduction page that has a title of your survey and a description. • You are required to develop a survey with a minimum of 25 questions. 1. 7-10 should be demographic questions 2. For closed ended questions you MUST provide answer responses that are exhaustive and exclusive. 3. No more than 3 open-ended questions

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