Research paper about LEIOMYOMAS:

Brief introduction about LEIOMYOMAS in general.

Focus the research in Uterine leiomyomas (also called myomata or fibroids)

The paper needs to include:

1- Abstract (Introduction) minimal 150 words (A brief overview of the background of the topic will be provided).

2- An example or case study with a brief discussion:

3- Pathophysiology of the Uterine Leiomyomas.

4- Statistics

5- Clinical Manifestations

6- Diagnostic Studies/ Laboratories

7- Clinical Management/ Treatment Modalities

8- Evaluation of Treatments

9- Patient Education and Safety (QSEN)

APA style

at least 3 scholarly sources are requested (No older than 5years

Examples of scholarly sources:

-Published journal articles, books and other works (encyclopedias & newspapers)

-Official websites ending in .gov, .org, .edu (CDC,NIH,ADA,WHO, HARVARD, FIU,FNU)

Do not use Sites such as Wikipedia, WebMD, Nursingworld, Allnurses they are NOT scholarly sources.

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