Research Questions, Existing Scales, & Levels of Measurement.

1. Please review the article titled Utilizing evidence-based assessment instruments to detect well-being and distress in English- and Spanish-speaking caregivers of individuals affected by dementia. A) Who are the authors of this article? B) Where do they work? C) What are their fields of study? D)What do you think the research question of this article should be? Hint – check out the last paragraph of the background (right before the Methods section). 2. Select a scale that is detailed in the Assessment Tools section. Locate the original scale via the Internet and look at the questions asked, the way they are asked, etc. Make sure to provide the link to the original scale. A) What is the name of the scale? B) Who is/are the creator(s)? C) How is the data collected? (direct observation, self-report, or examination of available records) D) What are the advantages and disadvantages in collecting data this way for this specific scale? E) What variables is the scale operationally defining? What is this scale attempting to measure? What is the intended population? F) Based off of the assessment from the Utilizing article, is this scale of good quality for measuring what it is attempting to measure? How do you know? G) If the scale was validated in Spanish, was it of better or worse quality than that of the English version? How do you know? Please provide detailed, robust, comprehensive, thoughtful, and complete responses to the prompts provided.

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