Review the CDC’s HRQOL Surveillance Program’s website

Read the document found here:


Review the CDC’s HRQOL Surveillance Program’s website, State and Community Health Profiles page available at State, local, and organizational reports are available for review. 


State Health Gaps and Community Rankings:


Guide to Community Preventive Services


Policies and regulations



Use the above readings and the internet.

Identify a disparity in HRQOL in a state or community of interest.  Based on the review of these information sources, write a policy brief following the guidelines noted in your text on pg. 301-302, box 15-11 recommending and making the case for a specific intervention or action to address the disparity.  APA format is not required for this assignment.


Two submissions are allowed for this assignment via the assignment link in the “Assignments” folder in Blackboard.  This will allow you to submit it early enough to view your safe assign similarity report, correct, and resubmit.  The last submission will be graded following the rubric (based on box 15-12 of your text).

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