Assignment 3 – Article Critique – 10 marks, policy writing – 10 marks (S2, RC1) • You are required to critique the article titled. “Incidence, root causes, and outcomes of surgical site infections in a tertiary care hospital in Rwanda: a prospective observational cohort study” , authored by Mukagendaneza et al. A copy of this article is available on your VLE. Organize your critique submission in line with this “Critical Review” template: • Marks for submissions are allocated as follows: (1) Introduction; (2) Summary – 2 marks; Critique – 5 marks; Conclusion; References (style adherence, pertinence to points addressed) . • You are required to write a policy on the management of healthcare associated infections for a specified hospital or public health unit in UAE ; ; using the policy template on your VLE. The assessment weightings are as follows; (a) Preface  (b) Objectives; (c) Outcomes – ; (d) Policy and procedure content – ; Appendix on cost estimates, References.

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