Risk Management Policy and Procedure.

Your director has asked you to write a formal risk management policy and procedure for the organization. Part Two: Application of Risk Management Principles to a Specific Incident In addition to the policy and procedure, your director has asked you to apply your knowledge of risk management principles to a specific organizational risk that has occurred. You will use the Patient Safety media piece from Assessment 1. This incident include a patient identification error. Your director believes that the organization’s newly written risk management policy and procedure, coupled with your analysis from a risk management standpoint of a recent, specific incident that occurred, will help employees (and the organization) recognize how the hospital’s risk management program contributes to the overall organization’s safety and quality improvement efforts. References Hoarle, K. (2015). Risk management poised to grow as healthcare evolves. Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, 49(6), 433–435. Pelletier, L. R., & Beaudin, C. L. (2018). HQ solutions: Resource for the healthcare quality professional (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer. Demonstration of Proficiency •Competency 1: Analyze the quality and performance improvement activities within the health care organization. ◦Propose evidence-based risk management strategies and techniques to identify and eliminate or reduce a particular risk. •Competency 2: Explain the risk management function in the health care organization. ◦Explain the importance of a risk management program to health care organizations. ◦Define key risk management terms. ◦Describe the major risk categories in a health care organization, along with their corresponding risk identification techniques. •Competency 4: Apply leadership strategies to quality improvement in a health care organization. ◦Analyze the risk manager’s role in effective management of the organization’s risk management program. •Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others and is consistent with health care professionals. ◦Write a clear, organized risk management policy and procedure that is generally free of errors and is reflective of professional communication in the health care field. ◦Provide citations and title and reference pages that conform to APA style and format. Preparation •Conduct independent research on policy templates. You will find multiple policy templates from which to choose as you write your risk policy and procedure on patient identification error. Part Two in-depth analysis of the organizational risk on patient identification error.

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