Mentors are allocated to individuals to aid them through the learning process and eliminate barriers that interfere with their understanding in school. Cases that contribute to mentor demand and allocation include when a student starts school, when he moves to a new institution and when an individual is introduced to out of home care. A mentor should have a good connection with the student and must be willing to take up the role for it to be effective.  The primary goal of a mentor is always to ensure that the student is comfortable and stays connected to the schooling and address barriers to their learning processes. Other functions performed by mentors include getting to know the student and helping them according to top their interests, identifying challenges in the individuals’ life, advocating for the student, meeting and sharing with the student and facilitating input.

A mentor needs to study and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the assigned student. It helps them to work towards creating learning opportunities based on their abilities for a better understanding of the process. Measures can also be taken to improve on the student’s weaknesses to enable them to fit perfectly in the learning program. A mentor must have an obligation to go further and learn more about the assigned student’s life. Learning about the student’s history enables the creation of a learning program that impacts positively and does not limit the individual. It helps in the identification of likes and dislikes of a person. The mentor can go ahead to advise the teachers on the way to go teaching the individual for a better, understanding based on the history of the individual.

Another role of a mentor includes advocating for the assigned student’s needs, interests, fears, and struggles. The mentor ensures teachers and instructors are aware of what the student wants and how to create a positive, accommodating environment for the student. By opening up and sharing with the student, a mentor can realize the needs of an individual. He should also be in a position to facilitate some of the requirements for the comfort of an individual which promotes good mentorship.

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