This is a paper that is focusing on the Role of IT for competitive advantage for Virgin Airways.  The paper also provides the instructions to use in writing the assignment paper.

Role of IT for competitive advantage for Virgin Airways

Write a report about a business of your choice in this report it`s ( Virgin Airways) , analyse its internal and external business environment and assess the role of information technology (IT) in enabling the organisation to gain a competitive
advantage. (Word count: 3,000 words)

You need to:
Firstly, write an introduction about your chosen organisation (I wrote an introduction but need an improvement and you can in to it`s necessary) and
Secondly, give background information about the organisation (I did write this part but needs improvement only.)
briefly discuss products and services of your chosen business(also I wrote this part and just need improvement (total all is 500 words)
Thirdly, analyse the competitive environment of your chosen business by applying Porter’s 5 Force analysis and justify your analysis, I started this part and only need improvements for better report (1000 words)

Also, analyse inbound logistics, operations and outbound logistics and
Analyse any two support activities in Porter’s Value Chain of your chosen business
Identify key value adding activities with justification. This part I didn’t write, and it needs to be done as it`s required (1000 words)
Build on your understanding of “Porter’s 5 Force analysis” and “Porter’s Value Chain” analysis:
Summarise and reflect on how the business could deploy information technology (IT) and use innovative ideas to improve its business processes and to enhance its
Competitive positioning. Based on the outcome of the Porter`s 5 Force analysis that you found in this report (500 words)

Role of IT for competitive advantage for Virgin Airways

Remember to:
Firstly, analyse the internal and external business environment of your chosen business
Secondly, discuss the role of IT in helping the business to gain a competitive advantage
Thirdly, demonstrate knowledge of the concepts and ideas studied in the course
Fourthly, demonstrate the use of analytical skills
Communicate effectively using management terms or language
Use the Harvard referencing system appropriately throughout the assignment
• Don`t forget Cover page, Conclusion and recommendation. Use reliable sources (15 sources)
• submit this assignment as a Microsoft Word file.

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